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From OpenOffice noob to control freak: A love story with R, LaTeX and knitr

Lately I had to write a seminar paper for a class and I decided to overdo it.
But let's start at the very beginning. Here is my evolution of how I used to write stuff and how I got from this:

to that:

OpenOffice - I guess everyone has some youthfulindiscretions.
I remember how much time i spent trying to position each figure correctly and trying to make every line in the table of contents to start at the same position.

1. Semester: 
I heard of this "LaTeX" - thing and there was a rumor that this might be useful throughout the whole time at university, at the latest for the bachelor thesis. So I decided to learn LaTeX from the very beginning and chose to write a formulary for descriptive statistics as a first project.
The result was very neat. So proud of myself.
Started to missionize other students.

2.- 5. Semester:
Then I continued to use LaTeX for almost every document. Mostly I did a lot of presentations with the beamer class. Most of the creation time spent cho…